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We Create, Scale
and Finance startups

We're a venture studio collaborating with early-stage founders globally, both within and outside Africa, to develop highly lucrative ideas tailored for the African market.

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What We Do


Our approach involves crafting Minimum Viable Products (MVPs) for startups, starting from scratch and utilizing our unique 6-phase startup development model that covers the entire process.

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We propel emerging startups (MVPs) towards reaching 1000 users, achieving a 20% increase in Monthly Recurring Revenue (MRR).

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We provide early-stage startups with adaptable and modest funding packages, coupled with extensive growth assistance, totaling $100k.

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The T. A. C Model

We operate on a T. A. C model, representing Training, Acceleration, and Coworking.


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Kwe4 profoundly influences founders through its principles of entrepreneurial excellence.

Our process begins with learning and development as its core. We serve as a central hub for mentorship, facilitating the transition into the corporate tech world.


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Kwe4 serves as the launching pad for determined startup founders.

Drawing from our extensive startup-building experience, we understand your precise needs. We play a crucial role in accelerating the growth of startups, aiding them in generating traction.


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At Kwe4 within our coworking environment, we streamline the transition from concept to Minimum Viable Product (MVP) swiftly and efficiently.

We provide coworking members with tailored support and resources, aiding in the rapid growth of startups and facilitating traction within our collaborative workspace.

Our formula for Success

We perform thorough research to generate ideas and establish the vision for the startup or product.
Market Validation
Much more than product design, our team builds startups from the ground up, determining their market appeal, business model and corporate management. We manage startups from the stage of ideation to creation. We oversee startups from ideation through to inception.
Our team continuously crafts product iterations and engages with our target audience to swiftly validate our concepts and optimise our distribution strategies.
We assist with beta testing and effective growth hacking to attract your first users.
Scaling up
We connect you with leading investors for external funding, develop growth hacking strategies, and support you throughout the scaling journey.
We actively explore optimal exit strategies for our founders, harnessing the potential of mergers and acquisitions, stock sales, or buyouts.

KWE4 Startup Programs


Our Startup Portfolio

Our People

David O. Sokefun.

Chief Executive Officer / Co-Founder

Michael O. Williams.

Chief Operating Officer / Co-Founder

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John O. Oduoye.

Chief Legal Officer / General Counsel

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Idada Etinosa.

Chief Marketing Officer

Odunaye Bukola.

VP Investor Relations

Our Partners

Hear from our Community

Head of Human Resources, Resela

Leading Resela's HR, I'm inspired by the team's resilience and creativity. Their unwavering determination and originality drive our success. The seamless synergy and goodwill among team members create an exceptional workplace, fostering excellence.
I'm proud of the collectiveachievements and positive impact we've achieved together.

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Compliance Analyst and Strategist, Xwork

As Xwork's Compliance Analyst and Strategist, I applaud our team's relentless grit and determination. Their strategic thinking towards compliance with government policies is exemplary. They consistently prove themselves as sticklers for rules and regulations, fostering a culture of disciplined and effective governance. Their commitment ensures Xwork's compliance excellence.

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Head of Marketing, Xwork

As the Head of Marketing at Xwork, I'm impressed by the team's unwavering determination and strategic approach in driving marketing, sales, and traction. Their commitment to excellence and adherence to marketing principles propel Xwork's success and market prominence.

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Head of Marketing, Shopay

In my role as Head of Marketing at Shopay, I've witnessed the team's exceptional determination and strategic prowess. Their innovative marketing approaches and sales tactics have significantly driven traction. Their commitment to excellence and strict adherence to marketing principles have played a pivotal role in Shopay's success and market standing.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Kwe4 facilitates global scaling by connecting startups with top investors, offering strategic guidance, and remaining constant support throughout the scaling process. This ensures a seamless expansion into diverse markets.
The Digital Startup Boost Initiative stands out for its dedication to diversity, actively pursuing founders who offer varied perspectives, fostering innovation, and strengthening the resilience of the overall startup ecosystem.
The initiative recruits founders to manage internal startups in exchange for a 20% equity share, actively searching for leaders aligned with the vision and dedicated to bringing startup ideas to life.
Kwe4 stands out for its comprehensive approach, combining funding, mentoring, and a distinct T.A.C. model—Training, Acceleration, and Coworking. This unique blend empowers startups from ideation to exit.
Kwe4 offers small-ticket funding and growth assistance totaling $100k, fostering the growth of early-stage startups with personalized attention and strategic support.