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Our Story

We groom promising African startups poised for global success and positive influence. As a team, we architect every product iteration, employing user-centric and market-centred design principles to optimise the adoption of our products. Our mission is to empower innovative ventures that resonate on a global scale.

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What We Do

Our team continuously craft product iterations and engages with our target audience to swiftly validate our concepts and optimize our distribution strategies.

Much more than product design, our team build startups from the ground up, determining their market appeal, business model and corporate management. We manage startups from the stage of ideation to creation. We oversee startups from ideation through to inception.

We actively explore optimal exit strategies for our founders, harnessing the potential of mergers and acquisitions, stock sales, or buyouts.

Our Vision

Empowering startups with exceptional potential to ascend to the summit, where they become irresistible to prominent Venture Capitalists and Investors. Our vision is to nurture Unicorns, setting new innovation, value, and impact benchmarks in the tech ecosystem.

What Drives Us

Our relentless commitment to fostering innovation, propelling visionary startups to their fullest potential, and catalyzing their journey to unicorn status in the dynamic world of technology and entrepreneurship. We are inspired by the transformative impact of cutting-edge ideas and the thrill of creating transgenerational success stories.

Our Beliefs

We are committed to delivering value that is community PROVEN


By virtue of our expertise and seasoned professionalism, we impact a life-changing quality


Promptitude and Accountability are our mainstay!


Our anchor is originality and creativity, Think it! Only then can you Create it!


Regardless of our collaborators, our commitment remains unwavering—we consistently generate, seize, and deliver value at its fullest potential.


We advocate for fairness, ensuring that everyone involved receives an equitable share in any business endeavor we undertake.

New Ideas

We uphold the spirit of entrepreneurship and the ignition of groundbreaking ideas fueled by curiosity, innovation, and technology.