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We take Ideas from Mere Abstract Concepts to Companies

Our mission is to foster the growth of African startups with a strong potential for global success, contributing positively to the world at large and its sustainable development.

Build with us
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From Idea to MVP

How we Build

“During the Ideation stage, we emphasize the importance of crystallizing your concepts for effective execution. Our approach involves in-depth research to spark innovative ideas and establish a clear vision for your startup or product."
Market Validation
"In the second stage of MVP development, known as Market Validation, we collaborate closely to craft the product version and actively involve target users to swiftly validate the concept and optimize the distribution strategy."
"The third pivotal stage of MVP development is Creation. This phase revolves around the transformation of your idea into a fully functional, market-ready, and investor-attractive product. We also assist in the recruitment of your initial team, oversee the comprehensive product development, and devise a robust go-to-market strategy."
Spinning out
"The fourth and integral stage is Spinning-Out. Here, we guide you through the beta testing phase and implement robust growth hacking strategies to generate your initial user base."
Scaling up
We introduce you to top investors to raise external funding, create growth hacking strategies and remain by your side as you scale.
"In the final stage, known as the Exit phase, we strategically explore the most favorable exit options for our founders. Leveraging mergers and acquisitions, stock sales, or buyouts, we aim to maximize the value and success of your venture."